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“Coffee Espresso Milano Style 500 gr” is a package of espresso coffee that is designed to be used in espresso machines or other coffee makers that are capable of producing an espresso-style coffee. The coffee is named after the Italian city of Milan, which is known for its espresso culture and the high-quality coffee produced in the city. The package contains 500 grams of ground coffee, which is a relatively large amount and is suitable for multiple uses. The coffee is likely a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, which are carefully selected and roasted to create a rich and flavorful espresso with a strong and bold taste. The exact flavor profile can vary depending on the specific blend used by the manufacturer. Overall, this coffee is suitable for those who enjoy a strong and rich espresso, and who appreciate the flavors and traditions of Italian coffee culture.Coffee Espresso Milano Style 500 grКофе Эспрессо Милано Стайл 500 гр

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Coffee Espresso Milano Style 500 gr



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