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“Gizeh Sarma Kağıdı Yeşil 50 GR” is a type of rolling paper made by Gizeh, a well-known brand of smoking products. The rolling paper is used to roll tobacco or other smoking materials into a cigarette or cigar.

The “yeşil” or green variety of Gizeh rolling papers is known for its natural and unbleached composition. This means that the rolling paper is made from high-quality plant fibers, without any additional chemicals or additives that could affect the flavor of the smoking material. The paper is ultra-thin and easy to handle, making it a popular choice for those who prefer a natural and authentic smoking experience.

The 50 GR size of Gizeh rolling paper is a standard size that can be used to roll cigarettes or cigars of various sizes. The package typically contains multiple rolling papers, so you can roll several cigarettes or cigars without needing to purchase additional paper.

It is important to note that smoking can have negative health effects, and the use of rolling papers and other smoking products should be done responsibly and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.GİZEH Wrapping Paper Green 50 GRGİZEH Оберточная Бумага Зеленая 50 ГР

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GİZEH Sarma Kağıdı Yeşil 50 GR


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