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“Rizla Menthol Ultra Slim Filter Tips 120s 5.7mm” is a pack of filter tips for rolling cigarettes, produced by the Rizla brand. The pack contains 120 filter tips, each with a diameter of 5.7mm, which are designed to be ultra slim for a comfortable and enjoyable smoking experience. The tips are also infused with menthol, which provides a refreshing and cooling sensation when smoking. The filter tips are intended to be used with rolling paper and tobacco to create a hand-rolled cigarette, and they help to reduce the amount of tar and other harmful substances inhaled during smoking. The pack of 120 filter tips provides a convenient and cost-effective supply for regular use.Rizla Menthol Ultra Slim Filter Tips 120s 5.7mmНаконечники с фильтром Rizla Menthol Ultra Slim 120s 5,7 мм

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Rizla Menthol Ultra Slim Filter Tips 120s 5.7mm


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